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Jerry Stoll Photography

Currently we are in the process of archiving Jerry Stoll's photography. This includes high resolution scans of his images; Digitally restoring damaged negatives; creating a digital database; purchasing archival storage containers; and organizing Jerry’s negatives, prints, and contact sheets.

*Thank you to those who contributed to the crowdfunding web platform Fotofund for the campaign to raise money for this project:

James Mohan, Jaye Wise, Lucy Hilmer, Amy Tierney, Mary Jaffe, Eileen Murray, Libby Joines, Carlos Serapio, Ed Scott, Joy Inam, Kay Mcarther, Tom Wilkins, Helene Brown, Susana Torres, Nelson Peery, Sarah Spearing, Erin, Alison Franks, Dianna Cohen, Timothy Orr, Andrew Lee, Andy Wiskes, Yvonne Cannon, Robert Dalva, Medea Isphording Bern, Sean Farley, Sally Russ, Molly Farley, Kathy Sloan, Marianne Sauvage, and Laurie Ann Schag.

You have helped preserve an important piece of American history.


Billie Holiday, MJF 1958

Billie Holiday, 1958

Jerry Stoll’s work as resident photographer during the first eight years of the Monterey Jazz Festival created a series of unique visual documents and a large photographic library.

The early years of the Festival when Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and Duke Ellington shared their musical stage with the new creative generation of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Ornette Coleman marked a very special period in the development of this music.

San Francisco Renaissance

Bongo Players

Bongo Players, San Francisco, 1958

Working out of San Francisco as a photographer in the 1950s and ‘60s, Jerry captured what he called the San Francisco Renaissance.

His photography of this cultural movement includes images of the Beat Generation-- the artists, poets, dancers, and musicians-- as well as the Italian and Chinese communities all coexisting within the neighborhood of North Beach.

Jerry illustrated this scene with his out-of-print photographic book, I am a Lover.





Exhibit at the Fernando Pullum Commumity Arts Center

Dizzy Gillespie for president, Monterey Jazz Festival, 1964

Dizzy Gillespie, 1964

Current exhibit of Jerry Stoll's jazz photographs.

At the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center, 3341 West 43rd, Los Angeles, CA 90008.

On view Weekdays, 4-8pm * Saturdays, 1-5pm * or by appointment 323 292-2700

*Thanks to everyone who participated in and/or attended the opening events!





Sons and Daughters

Director Jerry Stoll and Cinematographer Stephen Lighthill, Sons and Daughters, 1967

Jerry Stoll and Stephen Lighthill, 1967

Directed by Jerry Stoll, 1967

At the Pacific Film Archive October 9th, 2014, Berkeley, CA

Special guests: Cinematographer Stephen Lighthill, anti-war activist Mike Smith, and enviromental journalist Gar Smith.

One of the first anti Vietnan War feature length documentaries.

New digital restoration!

Part of the Free Speech Movement at 50 series.

Event info: 510 642-1412

*Thanks to Steve Seid and the Pacific Film Archive for the great screening, and thanks to Stephen Lighthill for the digital restoration!